Carlo Arellano - Creature Design for Games Vol 1. SKU: 2011-car-1

Carlo Arellano is a leading international concept designer, has worked on Hollywood movies such as Spiderman, Planet Of The Apes and Van Helsing. Carlo has also played a key role in concept development of ground breaking video games such as God of War: Chains of Olympus, Resistance: Fall Of Man, World of Warcraft and is now currently lead concept designer at Insomniac games in Los Angeles. Concept Design Workshop is pleased to present Carlo Arellano: Creature Design for Games. Volume 1. In this lecture Carlo will show how to design a creature from a blank canvas to a fully rendered concept. Topics covered include, Drawing, Photoshop Rendering Techniques, and Design Theory. In this lecture you will have the unique opportunity to watch Carlo discuss many principles that concept artist’s need to learn and master to take their work to next level.


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